Species subgroup
Subgroup type
Sequence NameIGHV1-3*i01
Alternative names
Affirmation Level1
Full Sequence
Coding Sequence
Inference TypeRearranged Only
Paralog Rep

Un-rearranged Observations

Un-rearranged sequence observations that support this sequence:

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Observations in AIRR-seq Repertoires

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CDR delineation

CDR1 Start
CDR1 End
CDR2 Start
CDR2 End
CDR3 Start

Additional Information

Sequence IDA00007
Curator addressSchool of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia
Release Date2018-12-21
Release Notes

Submission published by IARC on Dec 21, 2018.

Sequence TypeV
Gene Subgroup1
Gene Designation3
Allele Designationi01


Individuals acknowledged as contributing to this sequence:

NameInstitutionORCID ID
Davide BagnaraGenoa University, Department of Experimental Medicine, Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Oncology, Genoa, Italy


Notes are added by IARC reviewers.

Originally approved by IARC on March 9, 2018.

“The sequence was inferred [..] using IgDiscover, and [..] using both Partis and TIgGER. The number of unique CDR3 used by sequences with exact matches to the inferred germline allele represents 1.3% of all unique CDR3 [unmutated frequency: 1.17%] associated to exact IGHV matches in the genotype, according to IgDiscover. There were at least 775 unique rearrangements, utilizing 22 D genes and 7 J genes. The allele was the more frequently utilized allele, with an expression ratio of 56:44 with the *01 allele. The inference was supported by haplotype analysis using IGHJ6*02/*03.”


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History logs the times and reasons for the publication of each version of this sequence.

Mats Ohlin
2018-12-21 12:09:07
Version 1 published

Submission published by IARC on Dec 21, 2018.


All published versions of this sequence.

Sequence NameIMGT NameAlternative namesInference TypeAffirmation LevelSpecies subgroupSubgroup typeGene startGene endUTR 5' StartUTR 5' EndL-PART1 StartL-PART1 EndL-PART2 StartL-PART2 EndCDR1 StartCDR1 EndCDR2 StartCDR2 EndCDR3 Startv_rs_startv_rs_endd_rs_3_prime_startd_rs_3_prime_endd_rs_5_prime_startd_rs_5_prime_endj_rs_startj_rs_endCodon FrameVersionDate
IGHV1-3*i01Rearranged Only112018-12-21
IGHV1-3*i01Rearranged Only122019-04-12
IGHV1-3*i01Rearranged Only132019-04-12
IGHV1-3*i01Rearranged Only142019-04-12
IGHV1-3*i01IGHV1-3*04Rearranged Only152019-05-16
IGHV1-3*04IGHV1-3*04IGHV1-3*i01Rearranged Only11295769915117428962023-07-10