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Welcome to OGRDB - the curated Open Germline Receptor Database!

The immune receptors of B and T cells are central to the body's response to pathogens, and implicated in autoimmune disease. High-throughput sequencing of receptor repertoires - AIRR-Seq - is widely used to study receptor development, however a comprehensive understanding of the genes from which development starts - the germline genes - is crucial for accurate interpretation. Our knowledge of human receptor alleles is incomplete, and that of other species at an early stage. OGRDB is an open database of newly discovered alleles, through which researchers can contribute newly discovered alleles for analysis, and download those that have been reviewed and affirmed. Read more...

Latest News

OGRDB Updated

OGRDB has been updated to use binomial (latin) species names instead of colloquial names. The former names can still be used in calls to fetch germline sets, which I hope will prevent automated scripts from breaking, but if you do have problems please try substituting, for example, “Homo sapiens” for “Human”. This turned out to… Continue reading OGRDB Updated

Published 2024-07-07

Collaboration Opportunities

OGRDB and VDJbase are part of the AIRR Knowledge Commons project – bringing together immune repertoires from the AIRR Data Commons, epitopes from IEDB, receptor germline analysis from OGRDB and VDJbase with other emerging datasets. We are actively seeking collaborators whose projects will drive use cases and demonstrate the utility of bringing these various sources… Continue reading Collaboration Opportunities

Published 2024-03-19

Novel Allele Submission Process Simplified

Following an IARC decision in December 2023, the submission process for inferred novel alleles has been simplified. Previously, it was necessary to deposit the sequence of each inferred allele in GenBank or ENA, and it was usually necessary to accompany this with an extracted set of reads from the repertoire that provided explicit support for… Continue reading Novel Allele Submission Process Simplified

Published 2023-12-31

Germline Databases, or adventures into the allelic underworld

If you are interested in receptor germlines, you might enjoy this On-AIRR podcast with Corey Watson and William Lees, hosted by Ulrik Stervbo and Zhaoqing Ding. “In this episode we talk about the recent work by the Germline Database Working Group of the AIRR-Community. The accuracy of V and J gene segment assignment improves with… Continue reading Germline Databases, or adventures into the allelic underworld

Published 2023-11-02

Human IG germline sets now available

Germline sets for human IGH, IGK and IGL are now available for download. They are described in a forthcoming publication, “AIRR-C Human IG Reference Sets: curated sets of immunoglobulin heavy and light chain germline genes”, currently available from Biorxiv as a preprint. Our aim with these sets is to provide high-quality, evidenced collections that are… Continue reading Human IG germline sets now available

Published 2023-09-08


If you use OGRDB in your research, please cite this paper:
OGRDB: a reference database of inferred immune receptor genes
Lees et al., Nucleic Acids Research, September 2019.

Acknowledgements and citations for individual sequences are provided under each sequence and submission.

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