Species subgroup
Subgroup type
Sequence NameIGHV4-59*i01
IUIS NameIGHV4-59*12
Alternative namesIGHV4-59*p20
Affirmation Level1
Full Sequence
Coding Sequence
Inference TypeRearranged Only
Alternative namesIGHV4-59*p20


The table below lists the submissions, and the inferences within them, on which this published sequence is based. The list may be short when the sequence is first published, containing, for example, reference to just a single submission, but is expected to grow over time as additional inferences are submitted.

'Sequence Match' indicates whether the inference exactly matches the sequence, and clicking on the tick or cross will provide an alignment. Mismatches may be caused, for example, by the inclusion of leader sequences, or nucleotides in the inference which do not in IARC's opinion have sufficient evidence for inclusion in the sequence.

Submission IDAccession NoSubject IDGenotype NameSequence NameSequence Match
S00007 MK321692LP08248LP08248IGHV4-59*01+T260C

Supporting Observations

Sequences in other published genotypes which have been identified by IARC and support the inference:

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Observations in VDJbase

Inferred sequences in VDJbase that match this sequence:

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Un-rearranged Observations

Un-rearranged sequence observations that support this sequence:

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Additional Information

Sequence IDA00010
Curator addressDept. of Immunotechnology, Lund University, Medicon Village building 406, S-22381 Lund, Sweden
Release Date2019-05-16
Release Notes

IMGT allele name added

Sequence TypeV
Gene Subgroup4
Gene Designation59
Allele Designationi01


Individuals acknowledged as contributing to this sequence:

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Notes are added by IARC reviewers.

This sequence represents IGHV4-59*01 T288C in terms of the IMGT numbering system. The committee noted a rearrangement frequency of about 1.7%, with 1515 alignments including 341 perfect matches to the inferred allele. IGHV4-59*01 is also present in the genotype and is represented by larger number of reads than IGHV4-59*01 T288C (ratio: 17:83). The S0007 submission noted that haplotyping was not possible, but MC indicated that it was possible to haplotype this individual using the IGHJ4 locus. He suggested that a previously unreported J4 allele was present in this individual, and agreed to send his analysis to members of the committee. Diverse reads representing the IGHV4-59*01 T288C inference have been submitted to SRA/ENA under accession numbers SRR8298738 and SRR8298744. All members of the committee agreed that the sequence should be accepted as a Level 1 sequence at IARC Meeting 31 on February 8th, 2019. In line with previous policy, the submitted sequence will be recognized up to and including nucleotide 319.

(April 12, 2019) A trailing “.” in the sequence indicates IARC’s opinion that the sequence is likely to contain additional 3’ nucleotides for which there is insufficient evidence to make an affirmation.


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History logs the times and reasons for the publication of each version of this sequence.

Andrew Collins
2019-04-02 22:39:06
Version 1 published

Submission published by IARC on April 3, 2019

Mats Ohlin
2019-04-12 14:49:26
Version 2 published

A trailing “.” in the sequence indicates IARC’s opinion that the sequence is likely to contain additional 3’ nucleotides for which there is insufficient evidence to make an affirmation.

Mats Ohlin
2019-05-16 21:55:10
Version 3 published

IMGT allele name added

Changes from previous version

IUIS NameIGHV4-59*12


All published versions of this sequence.

Sequence NameIMGT NameAlternative namesInference TypeAffirmation LevelSpecies subgroupSubgroup typeVersionDate
IGHV4-59*i01IGHV4-59*p20Rearranged Only112019-04-02
IGHV4-59*i01IGHV4-59*p20Rearranged Only122019-04-12
IGHV4-59*i01IGHV4-59*12IGHV4-59*p20Rearranged Only132019-05-16