Species subgroup
Subgroup type
Sequence NameIGLV7-46*04
IUIS NameIGLV7-46*04
Alternative namesIGLV7-46*i01
Affirmation Level1
Full Sequence
Coding Sequence
Inference TypeGenomic and rearranged
Paralog RepFalse

Un-rearranged Observations

Un-rearranged sequence observations that support this sequence:


Observations in AIRR-seq Repertoires

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CDR delineation

CDR1 Start221
CDR1 End247
CDR2 Start299
CDR2 End307
CDR3 Start416

Non-Core Regions

UTR 5' Start
UTR 5' End
L-PART1 Start1
L-PART1 End46
L-PART2 Start135
L-PART2 End145


3' Extension
3' start
3' end
5' start
5' end

Additional Information

Sequence IDA00058
CuratorWilliam Lees
Curator addressBirkbeck College, University of London, Malet Street, London
Release Date2023-07-10
Release Notes

Bulk upload of sequences for the AIRR-C Human IG germline sets

Sequence TypeV
Gene Subgroup7
Gene Designation46
Allele Designation04


Individuals acknowledged as contributing to this sequence:

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Notes are added by IARC reviewers.

IARC Meeting 57 (July 7th 2020):
The meeting considered the inference of a variant of the IGLV7-46 sequence in Genotype A007 VL, Submission S00028. The variant was present at a relatively low frequency, being seen in just 0.03% of all unmutated rearrangements, with a total of 656 alignments including 31 perfect alignments to the inferred allele. The submitted sequence was rejected by the committee as supporting inference data was insufficient.

IARC Meeting 58 (July 20th 2020):
The meeting re-considered the inference of the variant IGLV7-46 sequence in Genotype A007 VL, Submission S00028. This sequence had been rejected at the previous IARC meeting because of insufficient data – a low percentage of apparently unmutated sequences, and a low total number of sequences aligned to the variant. The sequence has been independently reported in Genbank, and a genomic sequence has been submitted to
Genbank. The IARC members all agreed that the sequence is likely to be a real variant. Discussion again resulted in agreement that it is the task of the IARC to evaluate the data that is before it, though it was also agreed that other separate evidence can be noted. As a consequence it was agreed that the sequence should be affirmed as a Level 0 sequence.

IARC Meeting 102 (July 26, 2022)
As IGLV7-46*i01 now features in the IMGT database as IGLV7-46*04 with additional, independent genomic support (GenBank: OL352718) it is promoted to level 1.

IARC Meeting 106 (Sept 27th, 2022)
IGHV7-46*i01 was originally considered at IARC meetings 57 and 58 and affirmed as a level 0 sequence. Following its inclusion into IMGT based on genomic sequence data it was elevated to level 1 at IARC meeting 102. The affirmed 3’-end was however never considered. It was decided that the inferred allele at the present stage should not be released into the public domain of OGRDB based on supporting genomic evidence (GenBank: OL352718) of data of an unrelated subject until a subsequent decision on the integration of genomic and transcriptomic data can has been made (to be discussed at a subsequent meeting).

IARC Meeting 107 (Oct 19, 2022)

  • The IGLV7-46*i01 allele (full length) is approved and moved to level 1 based on its own merits (inference) in combination with genomic data from the subject in question (genomic sequence amplified by PCR (GenBank MK587528) and another subject.
  • A process for incorporation of Sanger-based genomic data in IARC’s decision-making process will be discussed and established.
  • A process for incorporating genomic data of other origin in IARC’s decision-making process will be discussed and established through discussion with data generators.

Additional information for this sequence was imported into OGRDB via bulk update with the following notes:
Sequence annotation is based on Genbank sample MW316675


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History logs the times and reasons for the publication of each version of this sequence.

Mats Ohlin
2022-11-18 07:31:28
Version 1 published

Published on Nov 18, 2022

William Lees
2023-07-10 11:24:48
Version 2 published

Bulk upload of sequences for the AIRR-C Human IG germline sets

Changes from previous version

CuratorWilliam Lees
Curator addressSchool of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales, Sydney AustraliaBirkbeck College, University of London, Malet Street, London
Sequence NameIGLV7-46*i01IGLV7-46*04
Alternative namesIGLV7-46*01_S3303, IGLV7-46*01_A213CIGLV7-46*i01
Inference TypeRearrangedGenomic and rearranged
Subgroup typenone
Allele Designationi0104
Full Sequence
Gene start1146
Gene end294439
L-PART1 Start1
L-PART1 End46
L-PART2 Start135
L-PART2 End145
CDR1 Start76221
CDR1 End102247
CDR2 Start154299
CDR2 End162307
CDR3 Start271416
Codon Frame1
Paralog RepFalse
3' Extension
5' Extension


All published versions of this sequence.

Sequence NameIMGT NameAlternative namesInference TypeAffirmation LevelSpecies subgroupSubgroup typeGene startGene endUTR 5' StartUTR 5' EndL-PART1 StartL-PART1 EndL-PART2 StartL-PART2 EndCDR1 StartCDR1 EndCDR2 StartCDR2 EndCDR3 Startv_rs_startv_rs_endd_rs_3_prime_startd_rs_3_prime_endd_rs_5_prime_startd_rs_5_prime_endj_rs_startj_rs_endCodon FrameVersionDate
IGLV7-46*i01IGLV7-46*04IGLV7-46*01_S3303, IGLV7-46*01_A213CRearranged1none129476102154162271112022-11-18
IGLV7-46*04IGLV7-46*04IGLV7-46*i01Genomic and rearranged114643914613514522124729930741644047822023-07-10