Species subgroup
Subgroup type
Sequence NameIGHV4-59*11
IUIS NameIGHV4-59*11
Alternative namesIGHV4-59*i02
Affirmation Level1
Full Sequence
Coding Sequence
Inference TypeRearranged Only
Paralog RepFalse

Un-rearranged Observations

Un-rearranged sequence observations that support this sequence:


Observations in AIRR-seq Repertoires

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3' ExtensionA
3' start
3' end

Additional Information

Sequence IDA00048
CuratorWilliam Lees
Curator addressBirkbeck College, University of London, Malet Street, London
Release Date2023-07-10
Release Notes

Bulk upload of sequences for the AIRR-C Human IG germline sets

Sequence TypeV
Gene Subgroup4
Gene Designation59
Allele Designation11


Individuals acknowledged as contributing to this sequence:

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Notes are added by IARC reviewers.

Assessed by IARC on December 2, 2019 during meeting 46.

The committee considered IGHV4-59*01_S8652 (T109C) of Genotype B16 of submission S00010, which was previously evaluated as IGHV4-59*01_S5140 of submission S00006 at Meeting 12. It was affirmed as a Level 0 sequence at that time.

The sequence was seen in 3.03% of all unmutated rearrangements, with 18133 sequences including 8545 perfect matches to the inferred allele. There was abundant variation in the CDR3 regions of the aligned sequences. One other IGHV4-59 allele was present in the genotype, as well as two IGHV4-4 sequences and one IGHV4-61 sequences. Haplotype data is supportive of the inference, though the haplotype ratios likely reflect the presence of some chimeric sequences within the dataset. The ratios for the two IGHV4-59 sequences were 77:23 for the inference and 19:81 for the *01 allele, suggesting that the sequences are carried on different chromosomes. The sequence, up to and including nucleotide 319, was affirmed as a Level 1 sequence, but was subsequently identified as the recently reported allele IGHV4-59*11. The sequence submitted to Genbank lacked the 320th nucleotide that is noted in the IMGT sequence. In IARC and OGRDB communications, a dot at the 3’ end of the sequence shows that the IARC believes there is a nucleotide missing from the sequence. The affirmed sequence will be submitted to IMGT as IGHV4-59*i02, as a record of the rearrangability (and therefore likely functionality) of the sequence.

Additional information for this sequence was imported into OGRDB via bulk update with the following notes:
Sequence annotation is based on Genbank sample MK471385
Mapped by IARC haplotype


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History logs the times and reasons for the publication of each version of this sequence.

Andrew Collins
2019-12-12 22:51:38
Version 1 published

Submission published by IARC on Dec 13, 2019.

William Lees
2023-07-10 11:24:41
Version 2 published

Bulk upload of sequences for the AIRR-C Human IG germline sets

Changes from previous version

CuratorWilliam Lees
Curator addressDept. of Immunotechnology, Lund University, Medicon Village building 406, S-22381 Lund, SwedenBirkbeck College, University of London, Malet Street, London
Sequence NameIGHV4-59*i02IGHV4-59*11
Alternative namesIGHV4-59*i02
Species subgroup
Subgroup type
Allele Designationi0211
Full Sequence
Gene start1
Gene end292
Paralog RepFalse
3' ExtensionA
5' Extension


All published versions of this sequence.

Sequence NameIMGT NameAlternative namesInference TypeAffirmation LevelSpecies subgroupSubgroup typeVersionDate
IGHV4-59*i02IGHV4-59*11Rearranged Only112019-12-12
IGHV4-59*11IGHV4-59*11IGHV4-59*i02Rearranged Only122023-07-10